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Dear Cole, Never Say Never: A Spiritually Intuitive, Artistically Optimistic, Story of Overcoming Adversity & Living a Fulfilling Life

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After fluid filled her lungs during a tonic-clonic seizure, for a few minutes, Cara Jones died. The knowledge instilled in her during her near-death experience left her with an understanding that her life, and the lives of the people she met on her journey, was filled with purpose.

Living a life with severe epilepsy, having over one hundred seizures a day, and being told never the majority of her lifeshe would never graduate high school, never go to university, and possibly never live past her early twentiesCara beat the odds.

Now, pregnant and about to become a single mother, she shares her inspiring story with her unborn childa story filled with adversity, love, forgiveness, and the underlining message that never is a state of mind that can be conquered by all.

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