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Holding Grace: Prose & Poetry

86 pages28 minutes


Holding Grace embraces a contemporary, free verse style of poetry as the voice for sharing a range of lifes experiences and emotions, creating an approachable and highly readable collection. Within these pages are recognizable tales of friendship and loss, contentment and longing, reflections on current events and locales, and the pure pleasure that may be found when one stops to soak in the beauty and rhythm of nature.
The storytelling here breathes life into the moments captured. From the exuberance of a child free to swing high on a rope and drop into cool waters in Washed Anew, to the quiet reflection of a young father realizing lifes blessings on Christmas morn in A Morning Made of Perfection, the images conjured by the author strike a chord that is at once familiar and emotional.
Tenderly written remembrances of childhood, tales of middle-aged angst as one feels the press of time, and backward glances at lifes choices are all countered with stories of natures challenging beauty, and the too infrequent simplicity of enjoying a quiet rain or a frozen breath on a cold day.
This collection offers sentimental reflections on life and the memories we carry, as well as an unblinking look at the need to accept the passage of time with grace and appreciation.
Pause and take in the life moments, both common and unique, that are so lovingly shared in Holding Grace.

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