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Faith Bombs

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The book of Revelation clearly describes several distinct groups of Christians who are definitely living in the midst of the Great Tribulation Period. Who are these groups, and how did they get there? Isnt it finally time that we ask ourselves these hard questions?

Examine the tantalizing answers as you work through the bold and challenging thoughts raised by Trent in this final book in this tribulation series. Discover the Mission of 42 and Gods global plans for rescuing lost souls in his first work, 42 A Mission of Martyrs to Save the World. Challenge your personal faith in developing what you believe about the Bibles predicted visions and dreams soon to come in the intriguing Shell Crackers. Bring it all full circle as we see how the character of God and His immense love will change and revive all of Christendom by showering the earth with Faith Bombs!

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