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Aquila: Into the Light

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In the city of Celthia, carved inside a snow-capped mountain, Seventeen year old Aquila (Aqua) Vickers finally discovered what she is. Avian in nature, the angeli are a proud and regimented winged race. Aquas father, the elusive Marcus, was the Overseer of three thousand inhabitants. Until, it appears, he was kidnapped by the mysterious dragone. A fate that Aqua herself now shares.
In a failed rescue attempt, she has been reunited with her human mother, but at great personal cost. Aqua has sacrificed her freedom, left her friends and family behind, and received a treacherous arrow in the thigh.
She must draw upon her strength and training as an angeli Guard, to escape the alluring island and the mystifying species that imprison her. But questions still remain. Why do the dragone want her? Why does their unimposing commander look so familiar? And most frighteningly, does she actually want to go back and face the gorgeously hateful man who wounded her?
The conclusion to Aquila; From the Darkness. Follow Aqua as she discovers her purpose, battles her own demons, and comes face to face with a few that are all too real.

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