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Until the End: a Fight for Survival

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In 1985, when a small freckle on Fanny Gutirrezs cheek grew to the size of a quarter and turned dark brown, the young mother sought medical advice. She soon learned she had malignant melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer.

In Until the End, her husband, author Jess L. Gutirrez, shares her battle with cancer and how the diagnosis and treatment affected Fanny, Jess, and their two young sons. It narrates the familys very real and vivid personal experiences to show how the psychological dynamics influenced them during the nine long and uncertain years of their cancer battle. This memoir provides insight into this particular form of cancer and shows how patients can serve the scientific community by being pioneers in the search for a cure.

Until the End pays tribute to Fanny and demonstrates the deep love she held for her husband and her children. It communicates the life-and-death decisions she made in regard to her health in order to extend her longevity. Most of all, it describes how she never lost her willingness to fight against the disease until the end.

By writing about this distressing experience, Jess has remarkably transformed the death of his wife Fanny from a private, tragic event to an instrument to end his suffering and sorrow. At the same time, he has used it as a testimony to help others to fight this terrible disease called cancer. Foreword from Dr. Enrique Zuniga del Campo, Psychoanalyst

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