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Inspired Life: Mantras for Success

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Why are some people rich and successful? How did they achieve success? Did they have an external influence, or did they succeed through their own hard work?

We all have desires and aspirations for money, power, and fame. At the back of it is the need for financial security and achievement. Although these things are common across people, there is a huge variation as to what different people achieve in life. What are the reasons for this anomaly?

The reasons lie within us. Although there is no restriction in having dreams and wishes, we set very low targets and goals for ourselves. The hard fact is that you may achieve 70 percent or 90 percent of your target, but you will never achieve more than your target. By setting lower targets and by having lower aspirations, you are only stunting your growth. To start with, all of us have same the potential, but most of us are not even aware of the powers of our mind and our body.

Professor Ahluwalia highlights all these aspects and lays down the road map for you to realize your power and potential and how to succeed in life, achieving the success you richly deserve.

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