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Retrospective—From the Void of Emptiness to Planet Earth

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I was given an opportunity to return to Earth to complete my unfinished business from God. While I was visiting heaven, I had re-signed a contract with God, promising that I would write a book about my experience. I always fulfill what I promise; I believe it is a beautiful thing to do. I have written about my experience in this book, RetrospectiveFrom the Void of Emptiness to Planet Earth. I have explored what it is like living as a spirit in nothingness before we set foot on Earth. In my opinion, our true nature is an infinite being temporarily accommodated in a physical body that we animate on Earth. This is part of the spiritual journey we must take. I have explained how a person should take care of himself, because no one else can provide such personal responsibility for another individual. Therefore, you should love yourself and believe you are significant. Celebrate your life at every moment. In addition, in discussing an issue regarding my health, I realized that the most valuable thing in life is to have superb health. That is how I ended up in heaven but was given a second chance to return to Earth to finish what I wanted to complete.

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