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Bridge Stories: Letting Your Story Become a Bridge That Leads Others to Christ

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Like a lot of people, Susan didn't believe that she had a story worth sharing, a story that would impact lives for Christthat is until that surprising day when God called her to write her testimony. That day, with fingers pressed upon the keys of her laptop, Susan embarked on a journey that forever changed her life as well as the lives of others. Over the course of a few years, as Susan wrote, God began to orchestrate the events of her life to paint a beautiful picture depicting how His people should live in preparation for His return and demonstrating His desire that we begin living lives that testify to Him.

In these pages you will find more than simply the words that describe Susans personal journey; you will hear the Saviors voice. You will hear the message that Jesus lovingly laid on her heart, a message that speaks about how He longs for His ultimate wedding day to His Bride, the Church, and about how we should live in preparation for that day.

Just as a bridge once connected Jerusalem with the Temple Mount, bringing people closer to the Temple where God resided, these stories will lead you into a deeper relationship with the Lord. They will help you to discover your own storyfor God created you to testify! You are meant to be a bridge that leads others to Christ. God wants to speak through you, so lets get started finding your story!

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