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Jack Happy Living: A Novel

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Jack Happy Living tells the story of a young boy who grows into a special kind of man. As we are immersed in William Doles coming of age, we find ourselves swept up in his infectious positivity and identify with many of the events he deals with. Growing up in 1970s and 80s Britain, William is a character to both admire and fear for. Our young boy is cheeky and bold, yet sensitive and deep. He thrives on humour yet has the tenacity, fortitude and drive to succeed. He is a hero and a villain, a lover and a fighter, but above all else he is a risk taker, a born survivor and habitually successful.
As we are swept along in his journey to manhood, we get a glimpse of his strategies for happy living, strategies that will make him a formidable man, and those around him will feed on his energy for life.
Includes 15 top tips for happy living.

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