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A Pleasing Disciple: Following His Footsteps

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The Christian life is not an easy one. Satan longs to get his hooks in us and challenge us every step of the way. To combat him and to draw closer to God, its essential to gain insight and knowledge of the Scriptures.

Full of inspiration, A Pleasing Disciple is a Christian-based curriculum for those in every stage of spiritual maturity, from the new convert who requires help in understanding the value of true discipleship, to the lifelong churchgoer who has the desire to cultivate a more intimate relationship with God. Tracie Tackett delivers honest, Bible-based studies to start you on the path to understanding how the Scriptures can be a blueprint for your life.

Short, easy-to-read chapters contain lessons on key aspects of the Christian life with accompanying verses to ground you in the Word of God. Questions for further reflection and learning follow each chapter. Topics include searching the Scriptures, spending time with God, putting God first, and many more.

Patterned and compiled to serve as a Bible study guide for either one person or an entire classroom, A Pleasing Disciple can help you develop an intimate knowledge of the Bible and a closer relationship with its Creator.

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