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Evaluating Outdated Beliefs: The Transformation of Archaic Beliefs into Updated Consciousness of the Future

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The object of these scripts is to expose and air out the unprovable stances and influences of religious belief and its exploitation with no absolute condemnation on conventional beliefs.
Conventional religion tends to cancel itself with the passage of time. Detailed descriptions are enclosed.
The nutshell has it that in comparing archaic beliefs to unfolding beliefs, time is revealing a picture of inevitable and irreversible changes in those beliefs.
Following the process of these changes will allow one to blend with them while broadening their scope on life or whatever else.
Humans have precariously searched for a form of security that lessened the burden of exposure to accepting responsibility for living a life on planet Earth. Then, someone or other discovered, invented or rationalized something they believed was bigger and more powerful than them. Over a period of mankinds time, that power of belief became a dominant source of security and eventually emanated a belief of living forever in this illusionary state of security.
Humans have been trapped into misconception, misunderstanding and vulnerable susceptibility for millenniums concerning their nature of choice in believing almost anything including the need for some type of mind salvation.
An evolution of belief is slowly transforming from archaic views to a spiritual, consciousness of future orientation. Insight on basic and spiritual belief is covered.

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