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The World’S First Quip Thesaurus with Literally Billions of Quips: And a Convenient Resource for Writers When “Good Enough” Isn’T

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Literally Billions of Quips, in the Worlds First Quip Thesaurus title has to be the most preposterous claim in history, excepting, of course, claims that Obamacare will reduce costs, etc. Whats shocking, is that the Quip Thesaurus explains how to create literally billions of quips in the first two dozen pages, coupled with another dozen pages in an appendix. Even with a mere two billion, thats an average in excess of 55.5 million per page.

Atwood distinguishes quips from jokes on the basis of their objectives. The difference between them, he maintains, is that the objective of jokes is to get laughs while the objective of quips is to express opinions. He advocates employing alliteration and rhyme in quips because, they are the music of language that increase the likelihood that opinions will make impressions, have staying power and be repeated.

Insofar as the sub-title Resource for writers when good enough isnt is concerned, extensive lists of verbs, adverbs and adjectives sans, definitions listed alphabetically in Quip Thesaurus appendices for creating quips, are convenient resources for anyone looking for the most effective words to express themselves or anxious to confirm those they have in mind are the most effective. All such words are in dictionaries, of course, but wading hundreds of thousands of definitions in tiny print to find them can be a tedious, tiresome and time-consuming task.

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