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Sacred Journey: On Earth … as It Is in Heaven

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Lucia was in awe of her new afterlife in the heavenly realms. Serapha, her mother in the family of Light, has prepared her for her new experience on Earth and instructed her on her responsibilities as an ancient soul in new flesh. She is now ready to return to Earth with a pure understanding of how her actions impact others, for better or worse. Joined forever with her spirit brother, David, they are ready to do their part. Each is humbled and exhilarated for what is to come next: a new life, in a newborns body, back on Earth.

As they struggle to adjust to their new reality, with all of its pleasure and pain, delight and despair, and love and fear, they find comfort in the knowledge that they are truly serving the Creator, the God/Goddess/All That Is. They know that they are both guided and guarded by a host of angels and that they are bound to service to this higher purpose.

Armed with the gift of free will, Lucia and David must now make a crucial decision: Will they choose, of their own volition, to risk their sacred journey to help bring the Light to their fellow travelers and remind them of their own heritageor will they make a different choice?

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