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Framed!: Canada’S Great Northern Prison (The Worlds Prison for Terrorists)

212 pages3 hours


In this political thriller, Phillip Chambers, is good looking single scholar athlete, who just graduated from Harvard and been signed by a law firm and life is almost perfect. That is, until he visits Dubai with his boss on a business trip. Selene, the most beautiful women he has ever seen, brings him a package to deliver for his company which he does and the next thing he knows he is in custody for the and accused of murder, terrorism and the bombing of an Embassy. In a matter of weeks he is sent to the Great Northern Prison, over 1000 miles from nowhere, to spend the rest of his life. Will he ever escape and prove that he has been framed? This bombing has caused worldwide turmoil and the price of oil in America has doubled. Phil needs to prove his innocence and bring to justice a group that includes government officials and organized crime. This gripping action adventure will make you laugh cry and feel the emotions of true love. Will Phillip ever clear his name and will he ever see the mysterious Selene again?

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