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Forever Becoming: The Ever Deepening Realization of Presence in My Life

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This book is about my life-long search for spiritual meaning, truth, and freedom. Raised during World War II within the confines of an all-Catholic town in Northern Maine and within a community that kept an ever-vigilant watch over the words and actions of its children, this quest for enlightenment did not start easily. Led by fear, my parents imposed restrictions on their offspring according to their own blind acceptance of whatever words came out of the priests mouth. Born with a strong will and a propensity to rebel, I was pressured by my religious parents to choose the convent. Strangely enough, becoming a nun was the only way I could have come to the freedom that I craved. Had I opted to stay in the world and marry, I would never have had the deep realizations I awoke to through the wonderful retreats and experiences I enjoyed. Upon returning into the world I was then ready to absorb the teachings of enlightened spiritual teachers who came my way. Only by traveling this unique path have I confirmed a deep knowledge inside my own soul: Our God is a God of unconditional love, peace, and joy, which he liberally bestows on all his children for the asking.

Franck delivers an honest view of life spent behind convent doors and her narrative about the mystical experiences shes had will leave you feeling inspired.

Freelance Writer and Editor, Ivory W. Rieger.

An inspirational story of a truly spiritual life lived with a willing sense of adventure and exploration in the Now.

Martha Fenton: A Hospital for Maine: the History of Maine Medical Center.

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