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Ghana My Motherland: A Ghanaian Socio-Cultural Lifestyle from the Mid –Seventies

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Old things are old. Why should I be bothered with old news when I am moving forward?. History belongs to those who lived it. We are also making ours. This is what some young adults would say, but from where community have reached, some might not be able to tell as to how to focus on the future. Do you know that people have been walking to school daily covering three or more miles to school and back in many places?. Can you think a child going to school barefooted as compared to our modern world?. When did the market become dry with the sale of no fish except one type of fish whether people liked it or not?. What happens when governments are overthrown only to continue facing hardships.

Have you come across empty shops with essential goods being hoarded and sold in private? When there was no fashion of today, what sort of dresses were the fashion of yesterday. If you were to be in any underdeveloped country or certain parts of Africa or elsewhere, would you be able to compare where you live and why others dont have what you have. Ghana my mother is a simple conversation to tell the younger generation in a simple conversation form, how far the country has come from the old to the new with one more step along the world to go.

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