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Unknown Pages

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Unknown Pages is a parable depicting the age old story of
good versus evil. Using adolescents as an allegory of emerging
awareness, we are transported into a realm that resembles a
mirror of our own conscious and subconscious dilemmas.

A host of magical beings such as dragons, fairies, spiders, mermaids, snake and
tree spirits are at war with Mabus the evil Sorcerer and his alien minions. The
object of this battle is to retrieve from Mabus, a white powder gold, found
in meteorites called Cosmic Dust. This gold dust has mystical properties
enabling the restoration and healing of our dying planet.

The alchemical transmutation of trusting in the magic within combined
with precious Cosmic Dust results in a tale of valour and optimism,
pitted against the forces of destruction and greed.

The quest is to save the planets resources from being sucked dry by Mabus.

The two teenagers, Rosie and Brooke meet in a bookshop, where they
find themselves in a time warp of being wide awake in a dream. They
have been called into this world by powerful earth energy in the shape
of a dragon called Aurora Borealis, Queen of Light. The youngsters have
been specifically chosen for their strong characters and stout hearts. Their
task is to take the knowledge from their breath taking journey back to
the Waking World, thus completing a vital healing process.

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