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You a Spiritual Being

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We are Spirit beings, human vessels with massive spiritual capacity, intrigued by the spiritual world. A human spirit has a soul and lives in a flesh body. The spiritual realm is another dimension which exists parallel to our physical world, where angels and demons exist. Discerning and recognising demon spirits is extremely important, as they take on various forms with ease, and deceive humans. They cause havoc on planet earth; they are the enemy; not other humans.
Biblical principles enhance our insight and knowledge making our journey on earth a pleasant one as we travel through; shedding the earth suit eventually as a finale to live on in the spiritual realm, being transformed.
Our choices made here decide our final destination i.e. heaven or hell, which are real and exist, whether we believe it or not.
Discover yourself and the different aspects of your complexity, which is empowered by our heavenly Father.
As a religious studies person I am of course deeply interested in individual stories of faith. The way in which medical knowledge informs your reflections is interesting to me (as a non-medic). This manuscript is an important expression of a life dedicated to Jesus with such integrity. Eleanor Nesbitt.

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