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Night Songs: Finding Love in the Midst of Terror

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The turbulent decade of the 1930s in France saw the decay and final collapse of the once proud nation. Caught up in the maelstrom of Nazi occupation, ordinary citizens were forced to walk the narrow line between obedience and collaboration. No-one faced a more difficult set of choices than Nanette Lemond, a young singer and fashion designer living in Paris. Forced by circumstances to associate daily with German officers, her lonely existence made her an easy target for those seeking romance. Behind the scenes, the heroic men and women of the Resistance risked their lives to thwart Nazi hopes for an easy occupation. When allied armies liberated their nation, the time arrived for reprisals against those who aided the Nazi regime. Would Nanette's choices expose her to the wrath of France's patriots and to a life of shame, or would someone come forth to clear her name? Terror, bravery, heartbreak and love all combine in this fast-paced story set in the real history of World War Two

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