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Maximizing Lean Six Sigma Sustainability: Secrets to Making Lean Six Sigma Last

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Organizational changes/improvements and or Lean Six Sigma has become more popular in workplaces in recent years. It is crucial to understand the theories; however, it is fatal to the success of a project if we fail to get to the heart of how and what is required to implement sustainable changes within an organization.

This book offers focused, practical examples on how to maximize the value that Lean Six Sigma could bring to an organization, and shows how to deal with the greatest challenges to implementing change successfully. This book provides insight into:

Balancing short term results with achieving long term sustainable change; Incorporating critical thinking into Lean Six Sigma to spur innovation; New ways of implementing change management within Lean Six Sigma and organizational transformation; Using a Lean Six Sigma Scorecard to maximize strategy execution within organizational projects

And much more!!!

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