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Gods of Our Religion: Christianity in America: an Inside Conversation

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Gods of Our Religion is a very deliberate conversation offering a for real look at the many images of God within Americas Christian churches.

Whether you consider yourself a Christian, atheist, agnostic, Jew, Muslim, or other religious designations, Gods of Our Religion seeks to whet your appetite to know more about the inside of Christianity in America. Humanistic culture and internal competition are redefining Americas Christian church world. Even so, an authentic faith remains to be the connection that brings the heart of man to the heart of God.

Everyone believes something. If you believe in nothing, this nothing is the something in which you believe. Either way, something or nothing, one has to press into their belief system in order to overcome the contrasting winds blowing in both directions.

Americas Christian churches clearly illustrate the confusion that can occur when the cultural winds create a mixture of belief systems that supposedly have the same origin. But do they?

"Gods of Our Religion" is an very direct message based on a personal journey where the heart the imaginary. Many of the gimmicks, sermons, and methods used to promote life within the America Christian churches lend themselves to creating religious waves dressed in attractive and colorful clothes, but with a quick realization of a spiritual deficit.

There is no doubt external forces are at work against Christianity in America. But, there is a bigger internal self inflicted conflict that veils the authentic faith we are meant to possess.

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