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Unknown Journey: A Voyage Through Time

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Unknown Journey is a book of poetry with many varied conceptions; soothing, warming, and cooling on one hand, chaotic, fearful, and desolate on the other. It strides aside me on occasion in the inner counsel of evermore, healing my wounds and motivating me to be more see more do more This book of poetry progresses from youthful hopefulness, crawls through the land of discovery and spans the decades from the tumultuous 60s to the tenuous present not just for Boomers, but for all to read.

Becky Corinne Strukamp, freelance writer and poet

This book is like walking with you hand in hand on a journey. Thinking back being here then casting a look to the future. Allens writing will touch your heart, as it always does mine

Lily Mae OConnor, poet and author

Allen passes the dreams of his generation to the next souls in our line, that they may carry with them his enduring love for a life, sweet, gentle and divine.

Tate Morgan, poet and author

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