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Animals A-Z: Poems for Early Readers

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There are lots and lots of creatures in our world.
How many do you know?

Do you know how strong an ant really is?
Do you know what a bat likes to eat?
Do you know where a kangaroo lives?
Do you know why moles are blind?
Do you know why the nightingale sings only at night?
Do you know which animal sleeps upside down?
Do you know who uses stripes to hide?

Come inside for a fun adventure around the animal kingdom!

Youll get to meet a few of the creatures who share our planet.
Youll learn some fun new facts about your favorite animals.
Youll meet some new animals too.

Youll learn the answers to all the questions aboveand then some.

Animals AZ: Poems for Early Readers
is your ticket to an exciting trip to learning for readers of all ages.

All Aboard!

Created by an experienced early educator and designed to capture a young childs imagination, Animals AZ is a book that young readers can enjoy on their own. During her thirty-year career as a teacher for grades K2, Gail found the use of rhymes, repetition, and memorization beneficial in teaching children to read successfully. With a blend of fun facts, bright rhymes, and colorful illustrations, the whole family will enjoy learning about animals from A to Z!

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