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The Magic of Willpower: Discover the Key to Inner Strength and Unlock Your True Potential

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Most people want to change something about themselves or the way they live their livesperhaps they want to quit smoking, lose some weight, or learn a new language. Too often, people set these goals but seem to be unable to achieve them; their successes or failures depend entirely on their willpower.

For some people, the quest for willpower seems as impossible as the quest for the Holy Grail. We want to have strength of mind and determination when we decide to make a life change, whatever it may be.

Author Bella Tindale has researched willpower extensively and now offers her findings in this helpful, accessible guide. She explains how to unlock this force that is within each of us, providing the tools and strategies necessary to keep motivation alive, resist temptation, and handle obstacles and setbacks without deviating from our goals.

Through The Magic of Willpower, you can gain confidence as you face new challenges while being at peace with yourself and with those around you.

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