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God of the Signs: Devotional Study of the Eight Miracles of Jesus-God in the Gospel of John

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The author of the Gospel of John had chosen eight miracles (signs) from the three-year ministry of Jesus. This is in contrast to the synoptic authors Mark, Matthew and Luke, who have recorded many miracles. The specific purpose was to introduce his gentile readers to Jesus as the Messiah and the Savior of the world and by believing in Him to receive eternal life.

The miracles include the transformation of water into wine in a wedding feast and Jesus healing the son of a government official without going the distance and instantly. The other signs are the healing of the lame man in Bethesda, the feeding of five thousand men, walking on the water, giving sight to the man born blind, and raising of Lazarus from the dead after four days before resurrection, as well as miraculous catch of fish after resurrection

Each study is presented in three partsbackground, description, and devotional application suited for individual or a small group or sermon preparation.

Also included are appendices and a discussion guide giving questions for individual and group study.

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