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No Need to Git Preachy: Parables for the Twenty-First Century

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No Need to Git Preachy looks at everyday life situations from a humorous or inspirational perspective and applies the Bibles teaching in a way that is easily understood. It constantly calls you back to the Bible even after youve learned the spiritual teaching. The parables are given to help you understand the spiritual teachingwhich, when its coming from the pulpit, could induce a good Sunday morning nap or a sharp jolt to the ribs from a loving wife.

Some of the parables are heartrending. Some are hilarious. Regardless of the delivery, they bring you to a point of consideration of Gods word and how it applies to your life. It is amazing how easy the teachings flow when you see the practical side of Scripture. Its down to earth, so everyone can experience it and share it.

Each story only takes a few minutes to read and teach. It works well for small group study or a daily devotional.

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