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Night Skies: A Vampire Revolution in Motown

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Detroit is a safe city. Safer than it has ever been. Motown has been revitalized by an energetic mayor that believes in his community. He has encouraged businesses to come back to town, made the neighborhoods welcoming, and brought investments back to the Motor City. The citizens believe Mayor Austin Blue is able to sustain these accomplishments by himself. However, Mayor Austin Blue has help.

Living within the city limits is Dimitri, head of the Vampire Nation. They have a diabolical pact with the mayor. The vampires rid the city of murderers, robbers, and thieves, making the city safe. In exchange, the mayor has his officers patrol the neighborhood where the vampires live. They keep the vampire hunters and other adventurers away during the day. The officers are unaware they are protecting vampires, only keeping the residents safe.

Another vampire clan enters the city and wants to take over the Vampire Nation from Dimitri and the city. He initiates his plan by killing college girls. The killings create tension between the mayor and Dimitri. To complicate matters, the mayors daughter, unknowing, is dating a vampire. Soon, the vampire revolution will begin.

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