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Travel and Tourism of Nepal

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Nepal is the land of nature, culture and adventure. We have the widest range of tourism products which are incomparable to any destinations in the entire world. Nepal is famous all over the world for its natural wonders- towering Himalayan peaks, verdant hills which shelters some of the worlds endangered flora and fauna, gushing rivers and serene mountain lakes, as well as mesmerizing world heritage sites. Nepal is often known as the biggest natural museum in the world. Indeed, it is a treasure trove. And, trekking is the best way to explore the natural beauty of Nepal.
Therefore, Nepal has been the dreamland for trekkers, mountaineers and nature lover for a long time. She invites, welcomes, charms and bewilders the visitors. Those who have already visited Nepal cherish and desire for the second visit and those who have heard or read about the Himalayan kingdom- make plan to visit the country. Nepal is so natural and insatiable and visiting our country once is not enough because this is the land of eternal fascination.
Abode of Gods; the pristine nature
Smiling people & culture our treasure;
The Land of Buddha and the Everest
Beautiful country of tantalizing taste.

Truthfulness in every holy shrine
Mountains and monuments are mine;
Undulating landscape; heaven on earth
Thanks Almighty God who gave birth.

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