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Ain't Going Back to No Cotton Patch

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Fast cars, law men, moonshine, romance in the cotton fields, and wild cat whiskey! It was Garden City, Alabama the spring of 1946. Boys were coming home. World War II was over. Many mothers were learning that their sons would not be coming home. Garden City was beginning to settle back in to a nice easy routine. Mr. Sam the local merchant was getting in his sugar orders for the season. The farmers were looking for good crops, and the moonshiners, were looking forward to make good on their orders. A certain revenuer from DC was poking around town. He was trying his best to find out about this special shine that everyone was talking about. Cracker Black, the brains behind the operation has a 50 gallon pot making moonshine for a local man named Hollis. Now Hollis is a nefarious character ran several juke joints out on 78 hwy on the strip. When word got round to Cracker his shine was wanted in Memphis and St Louis he had to ramp up the production. He hires two black fellers Big George and Little Willie right out the cotton patch. They are able to work at night in the woods and not be seen by the law because of them being black. When the sleepy little towns folk turn off their lights for the night, the moonshiners go to work making that good old Alabama Shine. Life was good, again.....

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