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Good Morning Africa

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Good Morning, Africa is a compendium of series of poetry collection on the African dream, Sierra Leone experience, the power of regeneration, and love and life in general. Africa in recent time has experienced a series of wars that seriously threatened the corporate existence of most of its states and brought untold hardship on its people. these wars were quite devastating and gravely debased human dignity and beyond those brutally murdered; others live with the scars of these wars. The Sierra Leone experience is very green in our memories, the beauty of the country, the war and its consequences. Good Morning, Africa further elucidates the general African inclination with a cursory look at political events in Nigeria and its socioeconomic consequences on the country and its people. The Bakassi Peninsula experience was expressed. Good Morning, Africa is a must read for every vibrant and adventurous mind. It is an expression of Africa by an African in pursuit of an African dream italicized in poetry. Similarly, a peep into the various wars within the West African region in which we participated under ECOMOG brings home the feelings of African upset. These are aptly captured poetically in the wake-up call on Africa.

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