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A Voice Loud as Thunder: Conversations with Earthbound Spirits—Destination: Heaven

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Where do we go when we die? At the time of death, do we automatically get on an escalator to heaven, or do we have a choice to go forward or not?
Through communicating with the spirit realm of heaven and earth, Kathleen and Virginia discover that the God-given gift of choice is infinite. Some people choose to remain here, earthbound, after their death. What happens to these lost souls?
This is a true story of two women who reach out in love to touch those who are stuck in the quicksand of an existence between worlds. They are not alone. Jesus, the Mother of God, angels, and many others in spirit join them. They are guided, supported, and protected each step of the way.
In A Voice Loud as Thunder, we meet two earthbound spirits (ghosts) who died in 1863. One is a Native American from the area now known as Rancho Cucamonga, California, and the other is a soldier who was sent to this state to kill Native Americans. Through their journey of forgiveness and love, we learn how to release our anger and fears that have the power to hold us in an earthbound state after we die.
The conversations between these two women and those in the spiritual realm give us an insight into a world that many of us never explore. They bring love, light, and truth to a subject that has been misunderstood by many.

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