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C Is for Children: My First Thirty-Two Keywords

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Computer programming is a good exercise for the mind, and its an essential skill that can serve anyone well into adulthood. In C Is for Children, author and engineer D. Michael Parrish introduces children to the C programming language.

Parrish presents lessons that focus on the C keywords. C Is for Children discusses all thirty-two keywords of the C89 standard andprovides over twenty example programs, along with guidewordsand a thorough glossary. Designed for third-, fourth-, and fifth-gradestudents, this textbook is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step learning toolfor kids interested in writing their own programs.

Praise for C Is for Children

D. Michael Parrish is the Dr. Seuss of the digital age.

George Matsoukas, author

In a world of slavish conformity, this book is a refreshing, innovative, and entertaining contribution to childrens literature.

Alex Bellas, EdD

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