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A Driver's Manual for Drunk Drivers: Car: Cognitive Apprenticeship Recovery

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The rubrics of CAR are similar to other Cognitive Apprenticeship Methodologys: Watch It Do It Know It. CARs unique power to facilitate recovery is derived by adding the ingredients of The Way of Analogy and The Concept of The Singular.
You might want to start by first reading Chapter 5 in Bingo: The chairs fixed, relax and sit in it as a way to preempt any confusion about how The Way of Analogy is being used in Relationship Associations. Here is the traditional (Thomas Aquinas) Way of Analogy: Red is Red: and yet a horse is Red, with a horsey Redness. CAR melds this with The Concept of the Singular [i.e. Remember Philosophy 101. The Universal Chair of the Greeks was the perfect chair; then came the Particular chair (Lounge Chairs); then came the Singular chair (your Dads old Morris chair with the cigar burns on the right arm)] to get its synergism. CAR is a Singular Analogous Relationship Driven Recovery modality and as such, less easily defined than experienced.
CAR methodology is already at work within you even before you start to read these books. You already know (you are ultimately aware) that you are within the answer.
The Good News is you are in Recovery now! This is proclaimed at the beginning of all three books.
The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.
Solomon Ibn Gabriol
Respectfully submitted Maurice Mo Murray
[Reference: The Practice of Cognitive Apprenticeship Recovery.
Maurice J Murray, Bowers-Stokesbury Press. Wilmington, DE 1993]

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