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Adversity Introduced Me to Me: A Memoir

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The Power of Words to win the Game of Life, Inward Outward & Upward.

Sometimes we fight with the inward man

Sometimes we fight with the outward man

Sometime and the best way to fight is not to fight at all But to reach to the upward man which is our heavenly father.

The best way to find out how a product will work to its fullest potential is to go back to the instruction manual. Looking at the pictures doesnt do it all the time. Have you ever tried to put something together by looking at the picture in the manual and when you are done there is a part left over and it wasnt an extra part. Often we dont know what it was for until the product stops working or never works properly. That part is usually a part that is needed for inside the product, without it, it just wont last or run to its fullest potential.

So it is with life. We cant look at the picture we have to read the manual and put it together. There is so much more inside if we would just read the manual and apply it. GOD has given us all the parts and he also supplies the upgrades as needed.

In this book you will see the inward struggle. Then the outward struggle. Then you will see when I turn towards the manual which is GOD. That when the struggle is over. Thats when I reach upward for Victory.

This is book one of two.

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