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Jonathan’S Miracle: A Mother’S Love, a Mother’S Loss, and God’S Faithfulness

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For every parent who has loved with every fiber of their being lost,
and never imagined they could survive.
For anyone yearning to know
How could God possibly bring good out of this?

Laurie E White tells the story of her son in Jonathans Miracle.

Jonathan arrived bringing hope and joy to a family in turmoil. Over the next ten years he wove his way into the hearts of each member of that family and all who knew him. Then, one morning Laurie and her husband received a frantic phone call at work: Jonathan was choking. For the next seventeen days he lay unconscious in the hospital, while family, friends and strangers prayed for a miracle.

Jonathans Miracle invites you to travel the journey with her. Along the way she shares her personal journal writings, and original poems, borne from a mothers heart, as she copes with tragedy, trust, acceptance, and beginning to live again.

What is it like to lose a child?
It is like finding out the sun isn't going to rise tomorrow;
That the whole earth has been turned off its axis.
It is like waking up to find every pine tree a shade of purple
Every daisy, black
You will hope, you will cry, you will see Gods faithfulness.
And you will experience Jonathans Miracle.

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