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Pebbles and Blessings: Pebbles and Blessings of Life

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This is a collection of poems woven together with the threads of belonging that bind us to one another and to our memories of the past. It is true that poetry does something that no other kind of writing can do. E.E. Cummings wrote that, Poetry is the algebra of the heart. For many of us, poems answer questions and solve mysteries in a distinct way. Kathys poems are no different; they reveal a soulful journey, a mapping out of her childhood and her life that many can surely relate to. She explores the concept of time and history and unearths the power that those who have come before us have on our lives. She draws on natures beauty and the simplicity of landscape and season to frame the images she offers to her reader.

A little break from tradition; the reader will also find two forewords in this wonderful book of poetry! The first one is an in depth profound preview, the second the author has chosen to name it "Forward" a welcome parlour leading into the heartfelt Preface which tells the story behind this wonderful journey of both compassionate and heartwarming poetry!

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