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From Dust to Glory: The Story Line of the Bible (God’S Master Plan)

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The Holy Spirit encouraged me to write a very simple book; aimed at people that have not heard much about the Bible, God, or Jesus. The goal is to reach people and to bring them to Jesus Christ.

This book is a simple to understand summary of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible is always looking toward and revealing Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament, Jesus is predicted. In the New Testament, Jesus is revealed.

In the Old Testament expectations and anticipations abound. In the New Testament, these expectations of Jesus are fulfilled.

What is concealed in the Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament.

What is contained in the Old Testament is explained in the New Testament.

The Bible is all about Jesus, the Savior of the world.

Each Chapter of this book contains four (4) sections about the chapters subject:

Old Testament Story

New Testament Story

A current day example


Christ for the world, for the world needs Christ (Quote from Eric Liddell)

God Bless the readers of this book!

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