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Say It Ain’T So!: Power in the Word

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The word of God is real. Author and pastor Karen Proctor has experienced it in her life, and shes seen it work in the lives of others. In Say It Aint So!, she offers evidence of the importance of knowing, believing, and applying the word of God to our lives each and every day.
Using her experiences as a pastor, along with Biblical stories and quotations, Proctor stresses the central role the word of God plays in Christians lives. She explains how God backs up every bit of his written and spoken word and that we need to believe, obey, and speak it. There is nothing magical about it, yet there is great substance behind every word. These words have been tried and proven throughout history and are relevant in present-day society.
In Say It Aint So!, Proctor encourages Christians to stand on the word of God, and your faith will be intensified even when it seems all odds are stacked up against you in any situation.

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