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The Journey of Pieces: From Blank to Blare

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The Journey of Pieces traces a journey of a young poet and of the pieces composed by her. Inspiration for her poems came to her in response to events in her life. Her poems share sensations of love, pain, and whimsy. This collection chronicles the changes that author Keith Sly Simpson encountered as she approached each new event or occurrence in her life. She bares her feelings in verse as she lives the moments that inspire her time and again.

From sorrow to love to confusion to passion, she explores the diverse set of emotions that exist in her own personal world. The Journey of Pieces provides a glimpse into the life of a teen who is just learning to spread her creative wings and take literary flight.

I Dont Wanna Be the Stars (14th March 2013)
I dont wanna be the stars but a moon
I dont wanna be the planets but rather sun
I dont wanna follow anyone
But just portray my inner self soon
Dont wanna become the echo but rather remain silent
Dont wanna show my back and turn
But rather stay and learn
Dont wanna become unique but rather me
Dont wanna hear or just see but rather feel
But all above I just want to

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