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Veil Stories: Learning to Listen to My Heart

86 pages39 minutes


Life starts with expectations and dreams, then runs into painful realities. When we open our eyes, seeing clearly our past actions, we find ourselves changed, and the dreams can turn out quite different from the ones we first created. Dawna goes deep into herself to discover what the universe is trying to teach her, to learn to listen to her heart. She discovers at the tender age of forty-five how repeated patterns in her life continue to bring pain without resolutions. Feeling like shes going around the same tree over and over again, she looks deeper for ways to break free from the pattern of pain. When she listens carefully, she finds a veil is lifted as a new truth is revealed and at the same moment the lie
is exposed.
This book is a recount of some of those personal lessons, each one unique, intense, and still common to many others. The poems will give you an awareness of your search for change and of a life made better. Each story takes you on your own personal journey, helping you to lift the veils and discover your own truth. These stories are woven with hope and new values that were a long time being uncovered. As you read these life lessons, you may find they are occasionally painful but always full of revelations. Each one requires a decision, to accept or discard the ideas and long-held beliefs that no longer serve life as it is now. To become herself, Dawna encountered memories that may take your breath away one moment but will leave you with hope which will last for the rest of your life.

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