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An Escape from London: Three Sisters from Hertfordshire, #3

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Caroline Bingley is trapped in London with her newly-married brother and his wife, watching, miserably, as her future prospects for marriage and happiness shrink. When her brother invites a new acquaintance into their home she is immediately on her guard, for the gentleman puts her on edge, if indeed he can be called gentleman at all.

John Ashton has made it as far as London in his quest to travel abroad. He is determined not to forfeit the promise he made to his brothers in Derbyshire: he is changed, and he tarries only long enough to make arrangements for his ongoing journey. However, he does not foresee crossing paths with Mr Bingley and his wife, nor being swept into their circle, and he certainly does not foresee the amusing diversion of Caroline Bingley. The pair may not be in love, but they can certainly help one another, and in so doing might change the course of both of their futures…

After the events of Pride and Prejudice that brought Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy together, can a certain Bingley sister find her Happily-Ever-After?

An Escape from London is the third book in the Three Sisters from Hertfordshire series, a continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

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