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Journey of Happy Pregnancy

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Journey of Happy Pregnancy
Week to Week - Month to Month Handbook Guide For First Time Moms 
(As Well As Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy And Newborn, Symptoms You Should Never Ignore, Secrets Other Moms)

The Journey of Happy Pregnancy: Week to Week - Month to Month Handbook Guide for First Time Moms is written for new mothers. If you are expecting for the first time, then it is important for you to read this guide. This will help you to know the early symptoms of pregnancy, important meals, food items to avoid, activities to avoid and important exercises. The basic purpose of this guide is to guide you for all mood swings, physical changes, role changes, planning for the last days and other happenings during pregnancy in every week. This book will help you to deal with different symptoms and physical changes. You can enjoy a healthy pregnancy while avoiding stress, anxiety and exhaustion.  

This week by week pregnancy guide offers:

Symptoms of Pregnancy and First Couple of Weeks

The First Trimester (Weeks 4 to 12)

The Second Trimester (Weeks 13 to 26)

The Third Trimester (Weeks 27 to 42)

Activities to Avoid during Pregnancy

Empower yourself with the knowledge because it helps you to feel better and you can easily enjoy this special time of your life. The book has helpful hints and tips for the safety and health of a pregnant lady.  

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