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The Phoenix Legacy: Sword of the Lamb, Shadow of the Swan, House of the Wolf

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In the thirty-third century, a vast empire teeters on the edge of destruction in the trilogy that “has the sweep and power of Asimov’s Foundation” (Jean M. Auel, author of the Earth’s Children series).
A draconian ruling class. A slave rebellion threatening to boil over. A clandestine organization that has limitless power so long as it stays in the shadows.
Concord is a hell of a place to die.
In M.K. Wren’s mesmerizing trilogy (Sword of the Lamb, Shadow of the Swan, House of the Wolf), a hero defies his birthright to achieve a greater purpose—leading the citizens of Concord to freedom. Doing so may cost the one-time Lord Alexand everything he holds dear, from his love to his own life. With a breathtaking sweep and unforgettable characters, M.K. Wren has penned a series perfect for readers of Divergent.

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