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Open Invitation

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A woman spars with a sexy coworker and proves she’s not as prudish as she seems, in a novel by an author who “serves up a sizzling dish of spicy romance” (RT Book Reviews).
With his lean, hard body and sexy slouch, Kyle Fox is as handsome as the movie stars he covers on his television show, Theater Talk.
After first mistaking the uptight Miss Amanda Butterworth for the network censor, Kyle is less than happy to learn she is actually being foisted on him as a new co-host. But their surprising chemistry raises more than the ratings, and Amanda counters his dirty tricks with anonymous steamy letters of invitation.
All bets are off when Kyle begins to suspect his seemingly prudish co-host is behind the sexy letters he can’t get out of his mind—which leads to a tantalizing game of seduction both on and off air . . .

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