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One Damn Thing After Another: The Adventures of an Innocent Man Trapped Between Public Relations and the Axis

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HIS STORY IS HERE, but Tom Treanor, the young correspondent of the Los Angeles Times, is off to the wars again. Meanwhile, of the present book, he says: “Alice never saw more different things in Wonderland than I’ve seen since June 13, 1942. I’ve rung the changes from Chungking to Anzio and written 1,000 words a day about it. Because it’s all too new and confusing, I can’t explain any of the riddle. I can only give you the world all disconnected, just as I saw it in travelling, a sequence of separate worlds, nearly as crazy, independent, and self-centered as they were in Columbus’ time.

“I have no theme but only a pocketful of pictures.”

That’s what he thinks. Well, he may not have a theme, but he has an astounding knack for being in places where things happen, a high-octane sense of the ludicrous, and a zest and zip in his writing that make his book tops in entertainment. It is emphatically the “war book with a difference.”

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