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Jesus and Coffee

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With over 100 encouraging Bible verses, this uniquely inspired treasure by Dr. Tony L. Warrick will help you stop living your life based on fear of failure, rejection, and stress. If you want to start your day feeling empowered, then keep reading.

Do you ever experience racing thoughts or anxiety in the morning before you even have a chance to hit snooze on your alarm? If you do, you are not alone. Life can become chaotic and be demanding at times, but did you know that one simple thought can STOP the feelings of stress and worry. One simple thought can empower you to have unstoppable faith and begin to shape your life for greatness. Author Tony Warrick presents 30 inspiring devotionals that will encourage you and help you overcome excessive anxiety, negative thoughts, nervousness, and depression. This book will speak to your heart, help you pursue your dreams, create positive change, and bring the unconditional love and hope of Jesus to a messy and challenging day.

In these pages, you will discover...

-30 days of empowering thoughts, which will help you reap a great spiritual harvest and provide an overflow of blessings.

-Life changing stories that will help you identify your fears and help you live a life of purpose.

-30 days of powerful prayers that will help you walk boldly before the open door that God has provided for you.

-Devotional readings that will help you overcome your morning anxiety and achieve lasting change.

-30 days of reassuring scriptures that will strengthen you in the midst of your challenges.

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