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Center Mass

330 pages4 hours


Part Three of ‘The Shot’ trilogy: With Phase One of the global jihad organization called the “Central Trust of the Muslim Brotherhood” completed, Phase Two looms large. Meanwhile, Patriot Black—a.k.a Murphy & Co—continue to unravel the mystery behind the terrorist conspiracy to topple America through subterfuge, deception, and political intrigue. At the same time, the Team members have to cope with the loss of loved ones as they grapple with stopping the destruction of America from within.

Picking up where The Shot and Ricochet left off, Center Mass hits the ground running and beckons you to try and keep up. From one plot twist after another, Center Mass will take you to the razor’s edge of life or death for America and the Free World. Rivetting, exciting, edge-of-your-seat action that leaves you breathless.

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