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Silver's Threads Book 3: Warp and Weft

270 pages4 hours


continue the journey with Beth, Sam, Flora and Maeve as they continue the search for Sybille who mysteriously vanished 18 months ago
Arianwen speaks of Magicks and the land
Magick feeds the land and the land feeds our Magicks, she sang. Humankin have forgotten to believe and so our power diminishes, as too will the essence of the Mother. Soon they will wonder why their earth realm is suffering dire change and in turn so must they. Change or die; like us disappear into the threads beyond time. This realm will only be inhabited by those who appreciate their own powers of co-creation with the Mother and with us and who have the ability to project in all directions to restore the earth plane they believe is reality. It is only one among many but which will they chose as their truth; one with anger, revenge, regret, fear and deceit or a planet where light and the Mothers Magicks return to empower the land again, and the tears of the small creature dried and the Maker was gone.
she was otter, dragonfly, leaf sprite, a breath of air, a droplet of water vapour, a tidal pool of emotion. She knew no differentiation between herself and all that is for she was all that is
the journey continues

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