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Living Water!: Through the Eyes of a Child

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Pauls fondest memories are associated with his own experiences of water. Hot African weather, cool reviving rivers, plunging exhausted into a mountain pool or windmill-pumped reservoir, body surfing a brilliant backline wave or capsizing a canoe at the end of gruelling river race. As a young father, comprehending that God loved him as a child and wanting to establish a living will for his children that helped simplify the reality of being in the world, but not of it, Paul uses illustration and simple language to describe the gospel of King Jesus to his two children. Based on the theme of water that is so prevalent in the Bible, Paul illustrates what being a worshipper of King Jesus means, the importance of guarding ones heart, right relating with God, and the truth of a King Jesus-built church. Pauls hope is that such a document will greatly assist him in helping his children comprehend what it means to be a worshipper of King Jesus. Pauls desire for his children is that they will seek King Jesus above all things to be able to see beyond the superficial and grow to know God their Father as their sourceof Living Water.

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