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Adopt a Winning Attitude

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Let us be inspired and motivated to change our
attitudes and adopt an attitude that will not only
bring joy and peace in our lives, but also bring
victory and enable us to become winners in all
circumstances. We all have God given destinies
to fulfi l and with the right attitude we can
fulfi l them.
This book is based on the four attitudes that
Jesus Christ displayed when He was on earth.
These are the attitudes that the Apostle Paul in
the Book of Philippians 2:111 urges us as Christians to adopt.
Practical examples which are based on daily life experiences have been
used to show that it is the very things that we often take for granted that
lead us to unwittingly portray ungodly attitudes that prevent us from living
the types of lives we are destined by God to live.
The four attitudes that we must adopt are the following:
Attitude of Love
Attitude of Humility
Attitude of Servanthood
Attitude of Obedience
Always remember that what seems to be impossible with man, it is possible
with God and by adopting a winning attitude of Jesus Christ we can do
all things!

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